This video of Ylands is sponsored by the developers! To play this free to play game full of minigames and fun survival gameplay, download the game here:

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Welcome to Ylands! Ylands is a low poly survival game where you collect resources, craft tolls, and create your own sandbox scenario adventures! Watch more Ylands:

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Ylands Gameplay Overview:

Ylands is both a sandbox exploration adventure and a platform for making custom games, ranging from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes.

It will immediately captivate you by its stunning visual style. It lets you create a highly modifiable low-poly island (yland) of your choice and allows you to place it anywhere in the world – fully reflecting the resources, weather and wildlife of your chosen climate zone.

You also have full control over your game experience: play alone or with friends; try to live a life on your yland with only a handful of basic survival items or choose to have them all – it’s up to you.

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Ylands Gameplay Features:

►Fully intractable world with thousands of objects and items to be used, found or crafted

►Modifiable terrain with fauna, flora and resources fully reflecting its climate zone

►Wide range of things you can do – from mining, taming and riding horses, building elaborate energy devices or making potions to constructing ships of a custom design

►All this while seamlessly switching between single and multiplayer modes (with dedicated servers support) and from first or third person perspective

►Built-in game editor that lets you design and share your own levels and adventures

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Download Ylands on Steam:

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