Christmas Santa’s Board – Oldschool Christmas Arcade Game for Android and iOS.

Santa was on his trip with his collection of snowboards when he was traveling bandits invaded him. After big air crash all snowboards were lost in mountains. Play as Elfi and Find all hidden snowboards. Do hard jump quest challenge yourselve and unlock them all.

3 Game Modes

– Time Attack (Reward: Christmas Snowboard)

– Destroy All Barrels ( Reward: Pirate Snowboard)

– Find 3 Hidden Snowboards (Reward, Wooden Snowboard, Green Leaf Snowboard and Mountain Snowboard)

– Finish Map (Reward: Violet Chrismtas Tree Snowboard)

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Available on Google Play for Android Devices


Game is published and available for free download on Google Play. If you have android device like Samsung Galaxy, Huawei or Xiaomi.

Play on iPhone

and iPad

Game is available on AppStore for iPhone and IPad wih iOS ver 12+. Download it now and find all hidden snowboards.


Download link [Beta 01.08.2020]