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We Created The MOST POWERFUL Weapon EVER in Grounded

Welcome back to Grounded with Blitz! Intern and I are making the most powerful weapons and armor in the game, AND we're heading back to give the Broodmother another visit! Check out my NEW TIERS of membership for exclusive videos, art and potentially more! 😄 Become a Member and Support Blitz! Follow me on Instagram! - - - - - Keep in touch with more Blitz! ★ Follow me on Twitter! ► Follow me on Instagram! ★ Watch me on Tiktok! ► Official Merch: ★ Join my Discord: - - - - - ABOUT & GAMEPLAY: GROUNDED The world is a vast, beautiful and dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunk to the size of an ant. Explore, build and survive together in this first person, multiplayer, survival-adventure. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard? The Hot and Hazy update is now in public testing! ► The Crab Sandbox Dig up buried treasure and find ways to survive the sweltering heat of the Sandbox, or wait until night and venture forth in the dark. Either way, you'll have to discover new ways to survive while avoiding your new antlion friends! ► The Black Ant Hill Introducing a new sprawling anthill in the western yard full of black ants and other secrets. This dungeon allows players to uncover new craftable weapons and armor, and includes a new mini-boss within its depths. ► The Trash Heap Too precious to throw away, but not precious enough for the Trash Heap! Here, players will be able to uncover some of the trash left in the backyard. From food items in the knocked-over trash can to the AARTZ 3000, it'll be interesting to see what the players designate as treasure of their own. ► The Picnic Table Something's abuzz over at the Picnic Table! Joining the beehive, players will now find trash from yesterday's lunch, along with the latest and greatest in tabletop RPGs, Minotaurs and Myrmidons vol. II! Although the players will be too tiny to play, they can have fun exploring some of the components. Check out Grounded on Steam! - - - - - Watch Blitz play other awesome games: I AM FISH ➞ TIMBERBORN ➞ THE ETERNAL CYLINDER ➞ #Blitz #Grounded


Grid Autosport Custom Edition takes a sledgehammer to Grid Autosport, shatters it into different pieces, then lets you select which pieces you want to buy to build your own version of the game. Classes in career mode can be unlocked individually for smaller payments,...

GOD OF WAR Announce Trailer 4K (2022) PC

The BEST GAMES are here ➜ GOD OF WAR Announce Trailer 4K (2022) PC © 2021 - Sony

FOR HONOR – Survivors of the Fog Trailer (2021) Halloween Event

The BEST GAMES are here ➜ FOR HONOR - Survivors of the Fog Halloween Event Trailer (2021) © 2021 - Ubisoft

BLACK DESERT – Halloween: Marni’s Spooky Playground Trailer 4K (2021)

The BEST GAMES are here ➜ BLACK DESERT - Halloween: Marni's Spooky Playground Trailer (2021) PS4 © 2021 - Pearl Abyss

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